Rabih Khalife

Managing Director/ KSA

I'm Rabih Khalife, your go-to guy as the Managing Director in KSA at Brandon. I come armed with a wealth of experience in marketing and strategic leadership, shaping my professional journey through roles that have left a significant mark on the industry.

I started my marketing voyage as an Account Director at M&C SAATCHI MENA, where I fine-tuned my skills in strategic account management. Transitioning from there, I assumed the role of Head of Marketing at Hallab 1881 S.A.L, showcasing my unwavering commitment to marketing leadership. Venturing into diverse industry landscapes, I took on the position of Marketing Director at POCO, highlighting my versatility.

A pivotal chapter in my career unfolded as the Head of Marketing at Empire Cinemas SA, where my contributions were anything but ordinary. Now, at Brandon, I proudly take the helm as the Managing Director in KSA, leveraging my diverse experiences to steer the agency towards growth and success in the region.