Carmen Moussa

Senior Graphic Designer/ Lebanon

After a few years of discovery in my design journey, simplicity is what I aimed to reach.

But that’s more complex than it looks.

I’m passionate about everything type, layout, geometrical elements with a soft spot for illustration.

I look up here and there to see what will refresh my eyes and strengthen my career.

After all, we all have our chosen place, while wandering from time to time.

While every project has a lot to say, we can explain it in our own way.

Other than that, I’ll give insights where I can.

Whenever I have the chance, I’ll be checking in new places in nature, taking pictures and reconnecting.

My takeaway:

- Brandon got me at my very best

- Dance, listen to music, chill, have fun and make desserts.

- You never know, you always have a new talent to discover, so keep on migrating, and then come back.