Sharbel Kaddoum

Graphic Designer/ Lebanon

As a multi-instrumentalist and the embodiment of adhd, I bring a lot of noise, fun, and a tiny bit of crazy along with my design skills, witty writing and original concepts to my team.

Firm non believer in bad ideas. Interested in art, music, poetry, philosophy, history, psychology, geopolitics and socio economics, I am someone who aspires to always learn and constantly enrich my perspectives and understanding of life and human beings, who are at the center of our work.

Nature lover, sailor, and extreme sports enthusiast.

Constantly looking for ideas and trends to push forward through keeping an open mind, chasing new experiences, observing and taking action to innovate.

Whether with friends, family, or coworkers, I believe problem solving is a lifestyle and a piece of character, not just a skill.

I am a designer specialized in creative problem solving through human centric design and great visual communication based on fine art & creative direction , to achieve the desired goals. I always intend to push beyond the limits and experiment to filter out what works and what doesn't.

Constantly looking for opportunities to make ideas come to life, grow them from all aspects, and hopefully impact lives like mine was impacted by people who I admire their work.

My obsessive passion towards arts and humanities is driven by the impact my favorite artists had over me growing up, which made me aspire to do the same: deliver real messages about common experiences we all go through in life, based on my perspectives and experiences to people through music, visuals and writing to evoke human emotions, making my art an experience.