Yara El Helou

Account Manager/ Lebanon

'Follow your passion' is a total cliche! The question is, why don't you create your own?

Working with passion and enthusiasm is the main motive that drives people toward a successful career. Honestly, this is what Brandon allowed me to experience and achieve. 

Following my years of expertise in the Digital Marketing sector, I joined Brandon a couple of years ago as an Account Manager, where I got the chance to work directly with clients and the design team while brainstorming creative ideas and strategies. You can always count on me. I am a multitasker! With a love for social media and a growing following base to my micro-influencing page, I sure keep an eye out for trends to follow and to create.

Outside Brandon, I am an outgoing person who enjoys outdoor activities, reading and sports. I am a dog lover too , Shiwawas mainly.