Should you hire AI prompters at your agency?

The artificial intelligence frenzy has begun, and companies will think they can save time and money by letting apps create content for them BUT having an experienced human at the helm of AI will be critical.

In the early 2000s, when tech was really on the rise, agencies would struggle to find people who wrote code; simply because people at the top had no idea how to do so themselves. How would they know if people were qualified or not? How would they know if mistakes were being made? Fast forward 2 decades and agencies are now looking for people who can write prose; which literally means: written or spoken language in its ordinary form, without metrical structure.

So, we’re hiring writers?

Not quite. Before we dig into whether hiring AI prompters is the way to go - let’s dive into what this human prompter’s role should be.

If you thought that AI is going to be doing the job - you might need to think again. Yes, AI will be producing the final content, but who will brief AI? Nay, who will properly brief your new AI software?

“The AI prompter is responsible for ensuring that AI implementations happen in the most efficient and effective way possible. However, their role is not only about implementation but also about collaboration. Collaboration between AI and AI prompters is essential for the successful implementation of AI in any industry and for ensuring that the technology is used to improve people's jobs rather than replace them.”

“Alex Shoop, an expert in AI systems design, told Venture Beat that as AI tools evolve, prompt engineers help ensure that chatbots’ responses are reproducible.”

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, tweeted on February 20, 'Writing a really great prompt for a chatbot persona is an amazingly high-leverage skill and an early example of programming in a little bit of natural language.'

A report on the tech news site Dataconomy describing the day-to-day job of a prompt engineer said they may ask the AI to 'think step by step' to test its logical reasoning capabilities, or they may continuously tweak a prompt like 'write an essay about AI' to figure out which words generate the best response.

So bottom line, we now know that AI tools are capable of error, prompters will now challenge these tools with smart thinking and a little mischief.

But is your agency in need of an AI prompter?

It all goes down to the size of your team and the budget you can spare for such a “high skilled” job.

You may notice the team not fully being able to absorb all the AI resources available at the tip of their fingers - and it is now clear that it is because AI needs to be spoken to in a certain language and manner. It also needs someone to identify the mistake and allow the AI tool to correct it through “AI rational” thinking.

For those interested, to excel in this role, one should possess a unique combination of skills, including:

• A highly creative mindset.

• Incredibly fast reading comprehension.

• Lightning-fast creative idea creation.

• Strong skills in crafting great prompts.

• Experience with AI and tools like ChatGPT.

• The ability to adapt to new technologies.

• Strong written and verbal communication skills.

• A meticulous attention to detail.

AI prompters need to be a little ahead when it comes to this new tech so for all those infatuated with AI, there might be a really cool job waiting for you soon. But hurry up, because the best way for employees to keep their current jobs is to learn this skill themselves.

Sources: Business Insider; Forbes online