Brandon was founded 13 years ago on one belief - mental agility // the ability to think and understand quickly. In an ever changing world, where trends come and go, where humans grow and emotions evolve, we tend to keep up. Our work progresses and our skills mature with every passing day to make sure that what we do serves the world we want to live in. We believe in:


Freedom of thought, freedom of change, freedom of expression.


Celebrating emotions, celebrating people, celebrating ideas.


Trusting ourselves, trusting each other, trusting the power of creative minds.


Find the story, create the story, stay true to the story.

We’re in the business of:
We’re not in the business of:
Unpaid Work

We invest all our resources into shaping the best team of professionals to create work that makes a difference. We don’t believe in free work because it simply goes against a good business model.

Non Mutual Respect

At Brandon, we’re a family and family sticks together. Our team members are skilled professionals who respect each other and their clients and hold them to the highest standards - and they expect the clients to do the same. We are partners working together and not for each other.

Spoon Fed Feedback

We are the professionals that are hired to do the job and we will be the ones who do it. We believe that when clients spoon feed us creative work that our expertise is no longer needed. It is always advised to leave the creative work to the creatives as when they are restrained with too many guidelines, they won’t be able to produce the job hired to do.