Task F&B & Hospitality,
YEAR 2020
Bar Nouveau is a new haven in the heart of Gemmayzeh. It is inspired by a particular art movement called ART NOUVEAU hence the name BAR NOUVEAU. Art Nouveau was a movement aimed at modernizing design and breaking the rules of classical historical art. Artists drew inspiration from both nature and geometric forms,creating art pieces resembling blossoms of plants and other parts of nature. Long linear contours were also a major characteristic of this design style, whereas vivid colors were of less importance. Art nouveau is a particular form of art that is known for its impressive details and avant-garde forms. CONCEPT: Bar Nouveau is a unique lounge/bar in Gemmayzeh. It has a diverse menu: carefully crafted coffees, a simple seasonal food menu, exotic cocktails and fine spirits. BAR NOUVEAU garden-inspired interior is a perf retreat for all day chilling, drinking, dining and enjoying the selection of tunes from soul and funk to the 80’s. INTERIOR STYLE: BAR NOUVEAU brings together a mix of 2 styles: Lavish Art Nouveau with extravagant tropical elements. Palm trees, warm lighting and vegetation hanging from ceilings and walls, contrasted with aged bronze mirrors and classical lamps. The bar area is anchored with a marble countertop, with elegant Art Nouveau chandeliers, navy blue lounge chairs, distinctive colorful tiles and artistic wallpapers.